faq-img1Yes, We do finance the car purchased at Hami Motors Inc.

Bring your drivers licence or valid identification documents.

Hami Motors Inc. offers bad credit car loans at great rates. This is ideal for subprime car buyers and bad credit borrowers because it gives them the perfect opportunity of improving their credit scores.

Yes we offer oil change service but this service is limited to our customers

A vehicle with little-to-no damage has what is referred to as a clean title. A clean title is simply a title that an insurer or state has never changed. It's not another type of branded title; it simply means that the vehicle has never been deemed a total loss.

We never offer any car with mechanical problem to our customers. We check all issues on a car before we sell. However, a mechanical problem may appear on vehicle after purchase. We help you with fixing the problem if appears in a short time after purchasing date and that is limited to 3 days.

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